Decool Lego X-Men Cable minifigure

I know some people look down on KO lego brands and their attempts at producing a product comparable to Lego, I have to say I largely agree with them – however sometimes it can be frustrating with the speed at which products are released or designs are produced and these small companies in china have less quality control IP rights issues, so can move fast to produce figures that fans really want.

This is my first review of a Decool figure its the X-Men character Cable son of Scott and Jean and arch enemy of Apocalypse. The figure is the classic uniform of Cable and comes with a 2 sided head one side angry the other less angry and 2 guns which are copies of Lego pistols. It might have been nice to have arm printing but I don’t think Decool has achieved it yet.

Now as is often the case with these figures the printing can be hit or miss its generally digitally printed which is fine but its not of the standard of Lego. Most of the detail is of acceptable quality however the printing on the legs is not perfect and missing in places. Does this matter if you are buying this for a child who just wants the character for their collection? No it probably doesn’t however for an AFOL it might but I maybe missing the point and its a fun thing for children.

I paid £2.50 for the figure is it worth it probably at that price yes he looks pretty good with the rest of the X-men and the X Jet