2017 Products

Having done the Toy and train Collectors fair at the NEC in december and had great feedback. I’ve started on my next range of products

you have 300, the Matrix and Blackhawk down


Lego A-Team

So recently Lego group have had a massive push on many 80s iconic franchises including Ghostbusters, gremlins, E.T and knight rider to name but a few. On the whole they’ve done a great job with the sets, it’s obviously a tactic to try and include a higher number of Afols in the new releases which works well, unfortunately they have released a few sets of things I was already in the process of perfecting but never mind.

Anyway one of the new releases was Mr T which I have to say is deliciously detailed and the mohawk is brilliant. I preordered and started my work on making the rest of team ready for my set the torsos heads and legs are all from the Lego back catalogue, I researched the weapons and got the brick arms items and I have to say it all turned out great. 

Lego Rocky and Apollo Creed

I’m working on Rocky and Apollo Creed as one of my new products. I’ve ordered some special paint from the states that “should” be a perfect match for Lego Light Flesh tone which will open up a whole world of possibilities, but for this it will let me do the legs to match between the shorts and the boots loss of weight. I’m not happy with Rockys face yet he needs a more chiseled jaw and cheeks but I’ll sort that out when I have the paint and I’ve done the rest of the figures


Custom Lego Predator

Lego Custom Predator

I’m pleased to have finished this group from Predator, and I’m pretty proud how its turned out.

In the classic Sci-Fi film from the 80s (featuring Arnie, Sonny Landham, Jessie  Ventura and Carl Weathers)  a group of american special forces are hunted in the jungle by an unseen enemy who makes trophies out of the slain warriors.

In my set you have Dutch on the left Billy on the right and the invisible/camouflaged Predator in the middle.

The figures feature custom painted camo, SiDan guns and body armour and the predator itself is a Custom figure from china painted to show the glowing eyes want to lose weight.




Lego John Rambo

Lego Rambo

I’m pleased to show off my new product John Rambo, he comes with a custom M60 Machine gun from SiDAN, custom painted hair and fabric pieces, Lego head, torso and legs.

This figure is based on Rambos look from First Blood Part 2 when, he lands the helicopter in the POW compound and rescues the hostages.

Decool Lego Beast X-Men

Decool’s version of Marvels Beast isn’t bad, the molding quality on the hair piece isn’t great but to be expected from a second tier product. The detail and printing on the torso is good it looks like the 80s version of the character. Again as with other Decool figures the fit of the items isn’t spot on but not something you’d notice if its just for play. Over all you’d probably be buying this for a child or AFOL to use so perfection isn’t the main point of it, its a toy thats fun and as Lego doesn’t make these characters its a good alternative to making your own

Decool Lego X-Men Cable minifigure

I know some people look down on KO lego brands and their attempts at producing a product comparable to Lego, I have to say I largely agree with them – however sometimes it can be frustrating with the speed at which products are released or designs are produced and these small companies in china have less quality control IP rights issues, so can move fast to produce figures that fans really want.

This is my first review of a Decool figure its the X-Men character Cable son of Scott and Jean and arch enemy of Apocalypse. The figure is the classic uniform of Cable and comes with a 2 sided head one side angry the other less angry and 2 guns which are copies of Lego pistols. It might have been nice to have arm printing but I don’t think Decool has achieved it yet.

Now as is often the case with these figures the printing can be hit or miss its generally digitally printed which is fine but its not of the standard of Lego. Most of the detail is of acceptable quality however the printing on the legs is not perfect and missing in places. Does this matter if you are buying this for a child who just wants the character for their collection? No it probably doesn’t however for an AFOL it might but I maybe missing the point and its a fun thing for children.

I paid £2.50 for the figure is it worth it probably at that price yes he looks pretty good with the rest of the X-men and the X Jet