IMAG0090Marvels Invaders Union Jack is a lesser known warrior from the marvel story arcs but still a key player in the events of WWII that saw the defeat of the NAZIs and Hydra.
My version isn’t perfect by any means – mainly because I’ve tried to stay purist in my pursuit of the character. I used Captain Americas head and removed the print to form the balaclava with brasso, and a team GB gymnasts torso with all the print but the lion removed. Then is just some generic legs to finish it off.


S1052708Wasp is made from the bad woman from indiana jones and the crystal skulls hair, hawkeyes legs and the fairy from the minifigures range wings


S1052718My version of rogue is a endor trooper torso generic lego head, legs and arms and an over the shoulder hair – I think tho I need to get the hair with highlights to represent the grey stripe she has.


S1052703my version of frank castle is basically a punk rocker torso with a stublely head. I could change the hair and revisit this guy later


S1052720the onlt really different bit about this guy is the extreme torso and head with the sweat band on, I might change his arm out to a robotic one but he doesn’t really have a clunky arm as such its more of a cybernetic one like luke skywalkers


S1052721I’m not sure about bishops head well hair really, he has really long hair in the comics but I can’t find one suitable at the moment so I’ll have to come back to him and make him betterĀ  – I think some POTC hair would be the stuff to get


S1052713I’m not sure about this guys torso but its ok for the moment, a storm trooper head (new stye) and surfer girl torso and a trench coat from easton


S1052723This guy I’m not sure about- simple clear head, a toy story army man torso and a purple cape from easton

jean grey

S1052717I’d like to make a version of her from the early days but this version from the movies is a lego extreme body and generic head and hair parts