Lego Predator Squad

IMAG0203My bricklink order turned up so I’ve been able to add Poncho and Billy to the line up, now Ponchos custom grenade launcher is a lego tommy gun with a front grip which actually isn’t a bad representation of what he has with the drum mag.. Billys master key gun I’m not happy about yet tho its a bit of a challenge to make something with 2 barrels under each other with the length needed

Warhammer Grey Knight

IMAG0196So I was sat sorting out some of my lego the other day and I thought that helmet could be from a space marine Aegis Armour so then I thought, that space body armour looks bulky much like a space marine too so I popped that together and well thats what I got… Not great yet but a start.


IMAG0195Ok so I’d been wanting to make Chod for a long time, not having the parts to make the brute version I talked about before I thought I’d just make a minifigure version of him so its lizardman body, a rat, red scarf and swamp monster head with a semi transparent head under.. I’m not completely sold on the head yet but its a good stab at it for now..

Lego TMNT leatherhead **update**

IMAG0193well I was clearing up some of my Lego and found a lizard man minifigure – now I’d been thinking how to do leatherheads tail and this seemed to be the perfect answer apart from its colour. I guess we’ll have to wait until Lego bring some thing out like this for chima

LEGO TMNT leatherhead

IMAG0184_1ok so I got some parts the other day mainly from the minifigures series 10 line and put them to use.. I changed my mind slightly about the Leatherhead project and this is what I came up with, I’m not sure about his torso yet its the motorcycle mechanic from series 10 and his legs are the cyclops from series 9 – however my memory kinda tricked me, he has a orange top rather than denim (perhaps an orange life jacket would be better) and his hat well I don’t have the hat I want so I made do with the triangle pirate hat.

Lego Predator figures….

IMAG0173Ok so i was sat in my office on sunday and I had a revelation while looking at a rebel hoth trooper. I thought “god his face looks like my old science teacher.. Oh it looks like Blain from predator too..” so while I wait for the new lego bits to come I thought I’d make him.  Pretty simple really – Endor troopers body, Indiana Jones hat, Hoth Troopers head and my home made mini gun. The guys at work think I should make the rest of the team I’ll see what I can do, I think Dillon and Mac will be a challenge mainly because there aren’t many black figure heads.