LEGO Zangief

IMAG0657I’ve had chance to look at his legs and added his boots  – I ended up rubbing off patricks bermuda’s to get the clean flesh legs… I guess I’ll need to get on with the rest of the crew soon although I’m not entirely sure how far I can go with it considering some torsos that they have don’t have designes close to LEGO ones

LEGO Captain Planet

IMAG0651I’ve been toying with making a captain planet set  – here’s my fisrt stab at wheeler, i’ll need to get some trench coats and cut them down to make his jacket but it looks viable as a theme to do

LEGO Marvel Vulture

IMAG0590_1Just before I went away I did a quick version of the vulture from the Spider Man Comics, pretty simple really just a plain green torso a mandalorian trooper head and chima wings..