Lego special forces

A little side project for me at the moment is trying to make nearly purist armed forces figures from lego. Now the weapons will always be brickarms or si-Dan as lego just doesn’t make weapons like that but torsos heads legs etc can all be sourced from clone wars, super secret police and other

standard lines. For instance my sas team uses the gas mask that crossbones has in the avengers sets with aviator hat and goggles they look pretty menacing like that.


23rd anniversary of Jurassic Park

It was the anniversary of Jurassic Park being released the other day so I put together a quick test shot of my next product which happened to be Jurassic Park. Alan Grant played my Sam Neil is the first character soon to be followed my Ellie and maybe Malcom tho I may have a job doing his hair

Blade Runner

One of the new products I’m working on is the Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner. The mini version of the hover car is complete as is Roy, I’m just trying to get Deckards jacket correct. Unfortunately this may be an expensive set as Deckards torso is a rare Lego studios piece



So recently I’ve been watching the classic 90s tv series millennium with Lance Henriksen staring. Much underrated but written by Chris Carter of Xfiles fame the series tracks investigator Frank Black as he solves crime and tracks villains with his gift of seeing through their eyes. I decided to make a lego tribute to him and it didn’t turn out to badly