LEGO Ghostbusters Ray

IMAG0255_1OK so I finished the predator diorama (photos to follow) but have started on my new theme which will be ghostbusters I had a quick go at the weekend to make Ray – I took the torso from the rebel mechanic included in the X wing set, added a generic flesh head and bed hair boys hair. The proton pack is my own design with a host that comes round to the beam part and the trap is well a few 1 stud bits put together. I’ve started thinking about making ecto 1, it’ll be 6 studs wide (as a can get a good bonnet and roof).

LEGO predator update

predator groupJust a quick update with my viginette from predator, I’m just missing Mac now and the rest of the characters are complete. I’ll do a “proper” detailed review once I have him this weekend.

LEGO turtles Genghis Frog

punkfrogOK so I know I seem to be using these parts over and over but here’s another quick one Genghis Frog from turtles with the simple addition of flippers he looks more froggy, he has a club from a cyclops mini figure

LEGO turtles Bebop

bebopHaving created Rocksteady I finished of the other goon Bebop again with glue in a couple of places. But I think he turned out wicked. he even has the red trainers that the action figure has

Lego Turtles Rocksteady

rocksteadyOk so I decided to add to my Turtles collection, so I made Rocksteady – I’m pretty happy how he’s turned out. I did have to use glue to fix a stud to the glasses but he looks wicked even if he’s not “Purist”

LEGO Prometheus Fifield

So I was sorting through some of my parts and figures and I spotted the breathing apparatus from a lego atlantis figure¬† – his yellow visor triggered me to think Prometheus.. so then I set about making prometheusFifield , the hammerpede is just a skeleton arm suck in an upturned cone. I’ll probably make a few more of the crew at a later date as I have 3 torsos from the galaxy ranger minifigures I can use..

LEGO colonial marine

collonial marineOK I’ve got a few updates (although quick ones), first is this Colonial Marine Smart gunner which is very much WIP. I’ve having trouble with the Smart gun at the moment I think the guys face, helmet etc is ok but the darn gun is tricky to get both the length correct and the harness for it..

LEGO Marvel Rocket Raccoon

rr1SO this is my first go at making Rocket Raccoon, I’m not sure about the torso yet¬† – I want a cavalry soldier one but the short legs and red boots look cute and skinnets head works well as a raccoon

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Lego TMNT Mondo Gecko

mondogeckoSo now the parts have arrived I’ve had chance to make another turtles figure – I don’t know if he’ll be in the TV series but as I like the original I based him on that.. so its a cyclops legs and arms and a yellow spaceman body with a cragger chima head and a grey beanie