ok so i’m having a bit of a pause on the lego super heroes at the moment, not from lack of interest more from saving etc..

not that this has stopped me coming up with a load of ideas, for instance the list of parts I need is as follows
Spirit of ’76  – bucky head captain america body
Blazing skull 973pb1104c01 head 3626cpb846
Miss america  973pb1000c01
Dr fate – head +   x105
Iron cross – head 85944 or 30202
Blastaar – head 11891
Barron blood  – torso 973pb1246c01
Juggernaut – helmet  60751
Nazi troops  – for invaders diorama 973pb250c01 + black 87998
Doc sampson – hair 4530
Warrior woman  – torso 973pb733c01
Whilwind – helmet  94162 torso
Jackel – 973pb578 torso
Avalanch – 6089 helmet
MOTU man at arms  – 973pb699 torso  x164 helmet
MOTU mer-man
MOTU moss man
MOTU ram man
MOTU Leech (classic version)
TMNT  – leatherhead – crug head + arms, 970c00pb101 legs,  973pb851c01 body, 30167 hat or 93219
TMNT  – ray fillet – genie head – remove beard, 50305 +  50304 dark azure ,  3023 dark azure

And then there’s a hulk buster armour and more excitingly cho’d based of off this..












and thats just the start of it 🙂


I’ve got all of these guys to make as well:





































































































Not that I can make rocket racoon until the new chima sets later in the year from phentermine the skunk clan guy. I also want to make a load of animals but thats for another time.






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