So I’ve been thinking a bit over the last few days of what to do once the ghostbusters stuff is done.

My ideas thus far are:

Goonies – I can make sloth out of supermans torso with flesh arms and partrick from spunge bobs head and some jeans and a black trianlge pirates hat… data I’d need to source short round from indiana jones head, I’d also need a couple of female heads / or another harry potter one at least to make the girls and some of the hobbit heads for the guys I think mutts torso could be used for mouth and maybe a comb with short grey legs and combed back hair.. chunk short brown legs hawaiian shirt frodo hair, brand normal length legs grey and hoodie top grey black waist with flesh arms mullet hair bat mans head as it has a sweatband for his eyes.

Big Trouble in Little China – the characters shouldn’t be a problem to make (like thors head for Jack Burton, I’d need short rounds head too for Wang) but I’ll need to build the pork chop express which could be tricky. I could use the kimono girls from minifigures to make Gracie and Miao…

or after I had this thought last night – Honey I shunk the kids (scene with the giant biscuit)

Also I’d like to make some mini-ish dinobots 5 studs wide the problem will be having enough grey pieces and yellow pieces, which probably means I’ll need to make them in Lego digital designer first….




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